Requirements to be a trusted host

In addition to adhering to our Community Guidelines, which all members of the platform must do, accommodation hosts must adhere to the following standards to ensure quality:


• Cleaning of the accommodation

• Veracity of the ad Check to fix the non-compliance with the Hosting Standards.

Report a violation

If your host has breached these hospitality standards during your stay, we ask that you do the following:

• Talk to the host, since he is the person who can offer you a solution faster.

• Leave a record of what happened through the message thread, photos, etc.

• Check the Guest Refund Policy to find out what are the requirements you must meet.

• Contact us directly to report any issues or request a refund through the Resolution Center.

• Write an honest review with constructive feedback so the host can improve for future bookings.

How we ensure hosts meet these standards

There are different penalties for canceling reservations in the event that it is not due to a cause majeure or the host does not have proof that the guest has breached a house rule or policy.

Whenever a guest reports a violation of one of the Host Standards, evaluates the report and determines whether a violation has actually been committed. Depending on how bad it is, may send the guest a refund of the amount they paid, suspend the listing until the host completes the necessary steps, or both. For example:

• If a cleanliness issue has been reported, may suspend listing until the host provides documentation to show that the space has been thoroughly cleaned or professionally inspected to ensure the health of the space. of future guests do not run any risk.

• In the event that there is any aspect of the accommodation that does not correspond to what is specified in the advertisement, may suspend it until the host confirms that it has been corrected in the information of the announcement, or until it has fixed or replaced the service that was missing.

If a user reports that any of these standards have been violated, will assess the situation and will take into account the violations that the host has committed in the past to apply the appropriate measures, as well as their severity and frequency.

Depending on what's clear, the host may need to return charges received, their listing may be suspended, or their listing or account may be permanently deleted.

Good communication

Our goal is to make these rules clear and the actions we take when someone breaks them are commensurate with the severity and frequency of the breach. rules for guests


The travel experience for guests at begins with the reservation. To ensure that travelers feel confident when planning a trip, hosts must honor the reservations they accept, to the extent possible. Cancellations can be a big inconvenience for guests, especially when they happen close to the arrival date, because they have less time to manage changes to the trip.

• Cancellations: Hosts should not cancel reservations, unless it is due to force majeure or they have proof that the guest violates a house rule or policy. If the host has to cancel, they should do so as soon as possible, and contact if they need help managing the cancellation.

• Arrival: Hosts must ensure that guests have the necessary information to access the property upon arrival (eg, provide correct directions, update access code, etc.).

Accommodation cleaning

For guests to really feel at home, everything must be clean. Finding a dirty space not only affects the experience of travelers, but can pose a risk to their health and that of their companions. To ensure guest safety, satisfaction and comfort, requires that all accommodation hosts meet a minimum standard of cleanliness and offer a solution to guests who have encountered a space that does not meet that minimum by get.

• Health and safety: the accommodations cannot contain anything that poses a health risk (eg, humidity or pests).

• Cleanliness: Hosts must offer listings with a high level of cleanliness (no mold in the shower, no dust or pet hair on surfaces, etc.).

• Cleaning Between Bookings: Hosts are required to clean after each stay (ie, change sheets and towels, throw out trash, vacuum or sweep floors, wipe down surfaces, etc.).

veracity of the ad

Hosts have complete freedom to establish the category and characteristics of their ads, as well as the services they want to offer their guests. However, when properties don't deliver what they've promised in their listings, it can affect traveler experience and impact their trust in For this reason, requires that the classification, characteristics and services that are specified in the ad at the time of reservation must correspond to those that the guest will find in the accommodation during their stay, from arrival to departure.

• Reservation Details: The host can only modify the reservation with the consent of the guest (such as changing the dates of the stay, the price, etc.).

• Location: Information about where the accommodation is located must be accurate.

• Type of accommodation: the information on the type of accommodation, its characteristics and the privacy it offers must coincide with reality. This means that you must make sure that, for example, you do not advertise an entire accommodation if you offer a private room; you have not indicated an incorrect number of bedrooms or you forget to mention that the property manager will be present.

• Amenities: The host must accurately list the amenities and items available at their listing (eg, even if it has a hot tub, it should not be listed if it doesn't work).

• Property: The reservation ad must be the one that is offered to the guest. Hosts may change accommodation only with the prior consent of the guest.

Good communication

We expect hosts or co-hosts to provide travelers with up-to-date contact details and to be available to deal with unexpected questions or issues.

• Respond to questions: Hosts should be available to respond quickly to questions guests have and assist in the event that a rule has been broken in the listing.

• Resolve any issues: Hosts should be available to try to resolve any issues that arise or complete any necessary actions that you are prompted to do.