Trust and security
Wide protection.
Always included and free.
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Guest identity verification
Our extensive verification system reviews information such as name, address, government ID and other information to confirm the identity of people who book on

Reserve analysis
Our proprietary technology analyzes hundreds of factors in each reservation and blocks those that carry a high risk of property damage or parties that may cause disturbances.

Protection of 3 million dollars against damages reimburses you for damage caused by guests to your listing and belongings and includes these specific protections:

Works of art and valuables will restore or replace damaged artwork or valuables, or pay you for it.

cars and boats
We protect cars, boats and other vessels that you have parked or stored at your home.

Pet Damage
If a guest's pet causes damage, we'll pay for the repairs.

income losses
If you have to cancel reservations at due to damage caused by a guest, we will compensate you for your losses.

Deep cleaning
We'll reimburse you for any unexpected cleaning fees you may have to pay after a stay, such as professional carpet cleaning.

Liability insurance of 1 million dollars
You're protected in the unlikely event that a guest is injured, stolen, or their belongings are damaged.

24 hour protection line
If you think you are in danger, our app offers you direct access to a specialized team, both day and night.